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Domestic Carpet Cleaners in York

Spending on the size of your house, your carpets may be one the most expensive domestic purchases you make. As with anything in life, how well you look after your carpets will determine their lifespan. The majority of carpet retailers and manufacturers recommend that having your carpets professionally cleaned once ever 6 to 12 months is the best way to maintain their appearance and increase their longevity.

Although keeping your carpet in tip top condition is important, it is not the only reason to invest in regular professional carpet cleaning. Another major benefit is the improvement of the household environment. However carefully you look after your carpet, without a regular professional deep clean you will not be removing the toxins, bacteria and other pollutants that build up over time and are not removed by general vacuum cleaners.

Do you think your carpet is beyond help?

Many customers contact Clifton Carpet Cleaning thinking their current carpets are beyond help. We have seen it all, and in the majority of cases leave our clients amazed by transforming seemingly ruined carpets, saving the hassle and expense of a new carpet. Using the latest carpet cleaning technology, coupled with over 20 years experience, Clifton Carpet Cleaning specialise in removing stains and dirt, breathing new life into old carpets.

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